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A dish of Middle-Eastern and North African descent, shakshuka makes a welcome brunch alternative.

Gua Bao

A Taiwanese street food staple, these small, doughy, cloud-like buns are served with your chosen meat and tasty Asian toppings.

Asian Squid

Squid, despite its versatile nature and ability to suit many herbs and spices, is best (in our eyes) fried with typical Asian flavourings.

Afternoon Tea

A British ritual, afternoon tea is a sophisticated affair where tea is served with bite-sized sandwiches and cakes.


Fresh, vibrant and healthy, ceviche is at the helm of London’s food scene for a reason. A Peruvian staple, here are the finest cevicherias in town.


Synonymous with fine dining and elegance, the oyster is the perfect way to start any meal. Or for that matter, at any time of the day.

Lobster Rolls

Why not try a decadent lobster roll – fleshy chunks of white lobster meat slathered in a mayonnaise and packed inside a sweet bun.


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Landing at Copenhagen airport, you know the Danes mean business when it comes to design & style. With Noma as #1 restaurant in the world, the food scene is pretty impressive too.


Melbourne's myriad of cafés, bistros, bars and restaurants is as vibrant as the city itself. The eclectic food scene is a cultural mix of the world's finest cuisine.


We all know how tiring city breaks can be: the obligatory museums, historical landmarks, endless walking and shopping and the perpetual eating and drinking in between.