We are Food Edited.

Food Edited. provides you, the discerning consumer, with informative critiques of particular foods from some of the great restaurants in London. Featuring only the best, because we know you only want to eat the best.

Born from a mutual passion for all things cuisine, Food Edited. is the brainchild of Mark Kimber and Romy van den Broeke. The pair met when working at Wallpaper* magazine in 2012, where Mark was an online designer and Romy was writing for the lifestyle editorial team. Late one Friday evening, over numerous glasses of wine, the ambitious duo decided to join forces, combine skill sets, and launch their own food publication.

Having committed from day one to making Food Edited. succeed, Romy and Mark have worked tirelessly to create a site that they would have wanted to use, growing up in the ever-changing city of London. One that is charming, engaging, thoughtfully constructed and very authoritative. The pair’s combined professional experience and plethora of industry contacts has given them invaluable insight and support from experts and fellow foodies. And the result of their hard work is Food Edited.

Launching in the summer of 2013, Food Edited. is still in its infant stages. But with an overwhelming level of support from industry stalwarts, it continues to go from strength to strength. And as it grows, Food Edited. continues to engage with more and more like-minded Londoners, providing an ever-growing range of pop-ups, bars, cafes and restaurants to enjoy in London, while celebrating just how diverse and incredible the food culture in the capital is.

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Review: Gunpowder

London is full of great Indian restaurants, so when Gunpowder joined the ever growing ranks, we were keen to see what, if anything, set it apart from the rest. Turns out, quite a lot....

Recipe: Messy Thokku

Messy Thokku is essentially egg pickle, but don't let that put you off. Seasoned with Andhra spices and served with a puff roti, this is a winning alternative Indian dish.

Review: Homeslice

In preparation for our pizza poll later this year, we have embarked on the biggest pizza tasting mission this city has seen. One contender is most definitely Homeslice.

Massaman Curry

You don’t need to travel all the way to Thailand to taste a good massaman curry. A southeast Asian staple, here are our top three places to get your fill in town. 

Steak Tartare

There are variations of Steak Tartare across the world. We like a classic and these are the best spots in London to get your fix.