London's Best Bites

We're all about good grub and have been chomping our way across the length and breadth of London to find you the city's best food. Do you know what you need, but don't know where to get it? Our collection of Edits is sure to send you in the right direction...


Hot Dogs

You can't really go wrong with a large sausage served inside a chewy white bun, especially not when they are topped with lashings of homemade condiments.

Bloody Mary

The classic ‘hair-of-the-dog’ drink to settle the stomach after a heavy night, the Bloody Mary has become a bit of a cult drink.


Thin stone-baked dough with soft salty crusts topped with tomato sauce, gooey cheese, cured meats, fresh veg and sprinklings of herbs is pizza at its most basic.

Char Siu Bao

Fluffy, filling and easily the best thing on any dim sum menu worth its salt, roast pork char siu buns are the bar by which any Chinese restaurant must be judged.


A cage protecting animal's vital organs, the rib is one of the most tender cuts of meat.

Fritto Misto

It may mean ‘fried things’ in Italian, but the type of fritto misto we’re talking about is far more refined.