London's Best Soft Shell Crab

There’s no hard shell here. The soft-shell crab is a chefs dream, as the entire thing can be fried and eaten. Often wrapped in a light tempura batter, these are our top places to get this mouth-watering dish.


Bam Bou

Salt and peppered soft shell crab at Bam Bou – inspired by cuisine of the Orient (Vietnam, Thailand and China) – is a dish to be reckoned with. The meat is chunky and flavoursome, cutting through the deliciously salty batter. Dip each crispy piece of crab into a spicy tofu mayonnaise and prepare to find your new favourite dish.

  • 8/10 (£7.75)
  • 9/10
  • 8,5/10

1 Percy Street, W1T 1DB
020 7323 9130




It’s all about the soft shell crab at Shrimpy’s. Oh, and the skinny fries. The crab comes deep fried in a crispy golden layer of batter, that doesn’t overwhelm the delicate crab. It comes in a grilled sesame burger bun, with avo and salad. Delicious.

  • 6.5/10 (£13.50, fries are an extra £4)
  • 8/10
  • 7.5/10

King’s Cross
King’s Cross Filling Station, Goods Way, N1C 4UR
020 8880 6111




Karara Kekda, as it’s called at Benares, is a whole crab deep fried and served on a plate. You’d think a heavy pinch of salt would overpower the crab, but Benares do it just right. It’s salty, indulgent and the batter is expertly crisp, the soft crab is beautifully cooked and once dipped in mild piri piri mayonnaise makes a worthy contender to our London’s best soft shell crab edit.

  • 5/10 (£18)
  • 7/10
  • 7/10

12a Berkeley Sq House, Berkeley Sq, W1J 6BS
020 7629 8886




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